About Me


Let me start by saying this website is about 10 years premature…

My plan was to write once my kids were grown.

That’s what my mom did. She raised four children before becoming a much-loved speaker, mentor, coach, and advocate for marriage and motherhood. All the while, she cultivated an envy-worthy marriage to my dad for 29 years.

I imagined myself hunkered down while my kids were little before I descended upon the blogging world chocked-full of motherly wisdom.

But life.

In August of 2015, I suddenly and violently lost both my parents in a car crash. I was five months pregnant with our third child.

And then.

Deep within my heart, I knew it was time. This blog was born out of my loss. I had to write. I needed to chronicle, remember, and share the beauty that was instilled in me my entire childhood. I also desired to authentically and vulnerably communicate the lessons I’ve learned …borne out of pain.

And so.

Here is my life, an open book.

I’m a bit extreme. I once designated an entire week to ‘mourn the end of my childhood’ while I was in high school. I feel deeply,  love easily, and am acutely in tune to my emotions.

I am obsessed with Paul Lanphier. Paul actually told me he wanted to marry me before he said ‘I love you,’ but I was too smitten to find this strange, uncouth, or over-the -top. He is a man of many talents that include (but are not limited to): having a nursing degree, business degree, is a real estate investor, and currently the Chief Operations Officer for a non-profit. He is a marathon runner, amazing cook, and even inoculated cattle in Mali, Africa once… because why wouldn’t he?

We have three children. Theo is 5. Violet is 3. Beatrix is 1. It is my great privilege and honor to be their mother. In this season, they are my full-time job and priority. I love my Toyota Sienna and secretly consider it my third child, squeezed right between Violet and B. I often get emotional when my van doors slide open with the touch of a button.

I’m an occasional speaker at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) in Omaha, an avid member of the YMCA, and an early morning reader.

This blog is dedicated to my sweet momma and all the women whose lives and marriages she touched and would have touched with her passion for marriage and family. If I can leave one-tenth the legacy she did, I will die a fulfilled woman.

Welcome friends.

Emily Schenzel Lanphier

*Photo courtesy of Laura Jenkins