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    I Hope You Choose Joy: A Letter to my Kids

    October 14, 2017

    I hope your life is full.

    I hope your days on this planet consist of unspeakable joy, adventure, and love so deep that it takes your breath away.

    I pray that you may never know the sting of crushing loss or betrayal.

    And yet.

    I also hope you experience enough adversity to know what it is like to uncover joy. True joy.

    There is a joy that is burried beneath the soil of adversity-its siblings are perverence and positivity,

    and it is only unearthed by the fingers of hope.

    Many people never experience joy.

    Oftentimes, the soil of life so completely encapsulates the seed of joy that it stays buried forever

    but it is there, nonetheless.

    Living, actual living is uncovered in the aftermath of trial.

    The joy of abundant living is often found in the satisfaction of walking out pain… not immediately, but eventually.

    Happiness is dependent on your circumstances, but joy is a posture of your heart.

    I hope your life is characterized by the resilience of being an overcomer and the gratification of having chose joy in the face of bleak circumstances.

    I must tell you, at times you might feel like YOU are burried.

    But you always have a choice.

    You can stay burried. Or you can climb out. It might take weeks, even months to push through the dirt, debris, and ground.

    But I hope you have the strength to emerge from the soil,

    because you will be better for it,

    and your life is too precious not to live it to the fullest.

    I pray you always fight so that the soil of your heart is a perfect garden in which to cultivate joy.

    xo, Mom


    Photo by: Tori Vandament

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